Twelve battery charger


Modern industry shows a particular interest in the quality of electricity; from the “cleaning” of this benefit all electrical and electronic equipment that in the presence of disturbances can have malfunctions.

Low consumption

1) Energy saving: savings of around 10% obtained thanks to the transformer configuration and the charge management card


1) Longer battery life: due to an improvement in the waveform which is “flatter” than traditional three-phase rectifiers.

2) Reduction of the network harmonics: it does not pollute the electricity network.

What damage can harmonics cause?
Damage to the power factor correction capacitors.
Damage to equipment due to extra voltage.
Increase in the power dissipated by the system.
Overheating and premature failure of the transformers
Overheating and oscillations in electric motors.
Tripping of magnetothermic switches.
Noise in communication lines (internet intranet).

Electrical characteristics

Power supply 3x400V, Frequency 50/60 Hz

Power consumption see table