Professional battery charger


The PROFESSIONAL series battery chargers are mixed technology, traditional transformer plus high frequency control.
They are particularly suitable for recovering sulphated batteries and can recharge all types of lead acid AGM GEL Acid batteries with IuIaUo curve from 7Ah to 240Ah, voltages 2-6-12-24, electrical current 1-> 20A with infinite maintenance.


Battery charger with IuIaUo curve.
Constant or impulsive current desulphation.
Charge current regulation 1-> 20A step 0.5A.
Battery voltage regulation 2/6/12 / 24V.
Battery type selection AGM, Acid, GEL.
Charge time adjustment for the sulphated curve.


Through red led displays we visualize
on battery connection:
the current settings which are: battery, charging curve and charging current.
During charging, the following are shown cyclically: battery voltage, charging current and elapsed time.
A 3-color LED indicates the charging phase

Input voltage:
230V single phase absorption 600W max

Polarity reversal with status indication
Input fuse
Thermal protection
Secondary safety fuse
Emergency timer