Euromed battery charger

This high frequency charger made in an almost resonant configuration, allows to have low dissipations and low emissions, does not require ventilation. Its metal construction makes it particularly suitable for on-board installations.

Technical characteristics:

Power supply: 200V / 240 50 / 60Hz
Max power: 140VA
Efficiency: 85%
Battery absorption: negligible
Signals: 3-color LED
Possibility to add remote LED


Thermal protection
Amperometric protection
Internal jumper to select:
GEL / Acid open
Halve the charging current
Charging curve IuUo or custom
Maintenance charge

KindBattery VoltMAX Rated PowerRated CurrentWeight
Euromed 12 12V225 VA15 A1.0 Kg
Euromed 2424V300 VA 10 A1.0 Kg