Euromax battery charger

The digital technology applied to the battery chargers allows to have a resolution that recognizes the DvDt (variation of the voltage over time) of a few millivolts for top-up refills over time.

Technical characteristics:

Power supply: 230V – / + 10% 50 / 60Hz
Max power: 1500VA
Operating temperature from -5 ° C to 40 ° C
Very low absorption from the battery
Recognition of DvDt
Suitable for On board applications
Painted steel container


LED 3 colors
Connector for remote LED
Wired remote LED (optional)


Thermal protection
Network fuse type 5X20 glass
Output protection by relay
Pin break against network transients
Temperature control
Soft start
Controlled fan


Battery type GEL / AGM / Acid open
Charging curve IuUo / IuIaUo
Stop or hold at end of charge
Selectable charging current

KindBattery VoltMAX Rated PowerRated CurrentWeight
Euromax 12 12V750 VA25-30-35-40 A 3,6 Kg
Euromax 2424V1500 VA 25-30-35-40 A 3,6 Kg
Euromax 3636V1500 VA16-19-22-25 A 3,6 Kg
Euromax 4848V1800 VA15-20-25-30 A 3,6 Kg